4.14 Spawn actor from class replicates twice on client

Hello , if you create a blueprint and try to spawn an actor from class and that class is set to replicate, on clients it wil replicate twice . Any fix for this?

Hey Axxi,

I’m not seeing the same results on my end. Could you post a screenshot of your setup for me?

What I’m doing is on F, spawning an actor inside of my character blueprint. The spawned actor is set to replicate. When I press F in game, the actor is only spawning once, regardless of if I use the client or server.

Make a new blueprint and in event begin spawn actor from class and on the actor spawned mark replicated on it and then check the client

Please provide a screenshot of the blueprint that you’re using when you’re experiencing this error, as I am using your suggested setup and not seeing the same problem.

Thank you

![alt text][2]

and enable physics on it so it can move from the spot

i made a new project with this bug

already did :smiley:

Where are you spawning the actors? What blueprint class, I mean?

Also, if you could provide a simplified test project, that would be great. I’m not seeing this occur on my end still, even with the same setup.

Thanks for providing the screenshots.

Edit: I just saw the update for the project. I’ll take a look now.

Hey Axxi,

What I’d recommend is adding a Switch Has Authority after your Spawner’s Event Begin Play and connect the Authority pin to the SpawnActor node. That way you’re only spawning the light actor on the server. That ceiling light blueprint is set to replicate, so once you spawn it on the server it should replicate to the client. However, since it’s simulating physics, the movement of the actor will not replicate identically.

Let me know if you have any further questions, or if I’m misunderstanding your issue.

Have a great day

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Thanks, the switch node helped my issue, I know you were trying to help someone else but it also helped me

Yes but for client is actor spawn twice.