4.14 Released!

Oh I see, just verified the code I think I have found the bug. Our lighting pass do not use the translated world position. :rolleyes: As a result, the starting point of the ray marsching might be very imprecise (according to the scale) under such condition. I will personally have further digging into this problem. How big is that mesh in the world space size if I may? How offseted from the world’s origin are you on this screenshot?

This is huge.

Thank you Epic for this major improve.

Could you give some more Information about how to create the PostProcess AnimBP? I’ve ended up with my mesh ignoring any animation if I just plug my bone specific controller nodes into final animation pose. There also seems to be a bug with the clear option of the PostProcess AnimBP selection window. It just keeps the selected BP selected instead of clearing the slot.

In that one I’m about 10-12K units away from the world origin, and the object is I think around 40 UU’s accross? That would certainly explain my issue :stuck_out_tongue:

REMEMBER: If you believe you have identified a bug with the 4.14 release, please follow the “How to Report a Bug” guide](Report a Bug - Unreal Engine) and post them to the UE4 Answerhub in the ‘Bugs Reports’ section. Thanks!

Holy ****

Finally… This is just gold 10/10 for Update :smiley:

World composition takes up too much ram in this version.
Anybody experiencing the same issue?

I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who is most excited by this feature :smiley:

This might be me being a little dumb, but can we define maps and sets in blueprints? I know it’s feasible in C++, but since there’s this new feature “Editable Map and Set Properties” in blueprints, can we now define them in blueprints?

What is happening!
I’ve never been so excited before.

RIP Windows XP I loved you and you loved me.

We are sunsetting support for Windows XP, 4.14 will be the last version to officially support running on Windows XP.

A moment of silence for a great OS, unless Linux is God like and Mac is a misunderstood programers dream.

I’ve been thinking the same thing! I’m trying so hard to find it, but their named very poorly, so I can’t find anything. So far, its placed really poorly too, seeing as I cannot find how to create them…
Hmm… It might be only able to create in C++. Which is unfortunate, this was my favorite feature, but now it might as well not exist, from my standpoint, at least.

I agree … I can now stop using my Batch files to do this for me before I do new builds. 8-}


Ran into an issue and found the solution.

In 4.13.2 I was able to get a valid pawn from the controller at OnPostLogin. In 4.14 I am not.

Not sure how but Google finally worked for once and I found an event in the documentation that I’ve never seen before. It’s called HandleStartingNewPlayer and it provides a controller as well. Using that event the same way I used OnPostLogin got my server working like it used to.


Super-B release

Fantastic release! Epic keeps impressing and I’m blown away by every new version.

Some bugs take their time. :wink:

So much to look through, what a release!! Can’t wait to use the vive with this stuff.

Added Answerhub Entries for the issues I found so far:

For some reason, some of these posts are requesting moderator approval… even though I am one :confused:


Does that means that the cook content can be shared accross platform as per this trello card: Trello ?

I mean, I can cook the content once for all platform and just have to build my binaries per platform?


By the way, awesome release! this is a major one and I hope to test it soon!