4.14 Released!

This is awesome! I’d been adding this manually to each engine version in order to work on my Left4Dead2 style dismemberment system, but now that it’s native it can actually be a Marketplace thing. Awesome :smiley:

This feature could also potentially be used to extend the mesh cutting to skinned meshes.

I’m getting some master materials not compiling now and getting this warning, any ideas how to fix?


edit #1 Unchecked on the master material “Use Material Attributes” cleared it up, but I’d like to know why this just started happening in 4.14 and was not a problem in 4.13.
edit #2 Disabled forward shading in project rendering settings and materials are fine, I guess there’s something with my vertex painted materials not compatible?

What is FFT Bloom/Streaks?
It’s been asked by a number of people. Trello says it’s in 4.14.
But there’s nothing written about it in the OP.

You guys ever sleep? It’s a HUGE list! Thanks! Well done!

Was it suppose to be an official feature? I recall it was never working and that’s why someone made a plugin for UE4.

I do wish gamepad / kb support in UMG would be a stock feature of UE4 across all supported platforms.

My xbox controller and keyboard navigation work for me in 4.13
that should be fixed in the 4.14 but it’s not.

Contact shadows aren’t working too well for me, I haven’t played with the much, but I have tried a wide variety of settings for the contact shadow length.

The results are extremely ‘spotty’, which is the only way I can think of wording it. There also doesn’t seem to be any filtering of any kind, and even though it’s a screen-space technique - if the shadow caster is on-screen, the shadow should work correct? It doesn’t seem to be the case for me… See pic below.



Can you please suggest any tutorials on how to implement UMG menus navigation with gamepad and keyboard ?

Awesoooome!!! Especially the Contact Shadows, Automatic LOD Generation, Live GPU Profiler, Fast Asynchronous Loading System (experimental) and Improved Support for Vehicles!!!

With the forward renderer you have 1 fewer texture sampler available in your material. You can solve this by using Shared Samplers on your Texture Sampler node.

MSAA is only supported if the project has Forward Shading enabled in the Project Settings > Rendering.

Forward Rendering is a new feature for 4.14 and isn’t fully implemented with some features, which are outlined above.

Thanks Tim, I had enabled Forward Shading and ATM I think TAA is better for my 2D project but I will continue to keep an eye on this feature :wink:

Many thanks again, for the answer and this amazing release! :o

Hi all. This feature is actually not done, that is why there is no information about it in the release notes. We’ll fix the Trello card soon to reflect this.

p.s. I also don’t have any information at this time regarding what exactly this feature is, but stay tuned in future releases.


What is your contact shadow length? The contact shadows do 8 steps ray marching through the scene depth buffer. It is expected to behave badly if your ray is to big on screen. You should have a much better result with a lower value like .1.

The screenshot there is a value of 0.1, but I’ve tried from 0.01 all the way to 1.0, with similar results.

Is the sun panel an Opaque material? Or is it some a translucent mesh in majority that would still have some kind of Opaque frame?

Yeah all the materials on the object are opaque (this is a skeletal mesh btw). The world-space size of the mesh is extremely small, if that would have any effect?

Okay so a few other issues I’ve noticed:

  • Packaged games now start in ‘Windowed’ mode again, as opposed to ‘Borderless’ like they used to.
  • Resolution Scaling behaves differently in editor to externally
  • When entering ‘Fullscreen’ Window Mode in a packaged game, the Gamma changes, a lot.
  • Some UI colours seem to be displaying differently to how they did in 4.12

Blueprint Library for Mobile Downloading/Patching <—

Would this be able to be used for desktop Projects? Or is it Limited to only Mobile?

Any idea if the “create static mesh from actors” feature is accessible at runtime? Because if so that’s perfect for a game idea I’ve been wanting to work on!