4.14 LOD - Change screen size for each LOD

Hi all,

I’m testing the new LOD generation from UE4.14 and I have a couple of questions.

I would like to have a custom LOD Group, where I can add some specific informations, such as:

  • Disable Auto Compute LOD Distance
  • Set the Screen Size for each LOD I creat ( I will need 3 in total )
  • Possibly change the Percentage for each LOD

Is this kind of setup doable?

I searched in the BaseEngine.ini, and I notice that there is a script for the Skeletal Meshes specifically:


Can this be done for also Stati Meshes?

I’m asking this because I have A LOT of meshes to import and combine, so to have something which takes care of the LOD generation with specific informations will be great!

Hey Enter Reality,

I’ve created a feature request regarding your concerns. I’ve also added your specific information about skeletal meshes in a private comment to the devs.

You will find the feature request here: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-38884)



Thank you very much Ed :slight_smile:

4.20 – still doesn’t implemented yet ~_~