[4.14] Loading screen for Steam VR doesn't show


Using the new VR loading screens in 4.14 seems not to work with SteamVR and the HTC . As i understand, “Enable Auto Loading Splash Screen” is for having a splash screen during level transitions with “Open Level”.
Or is this just to cover small hicups during level streaming ? Currently it throws me back to the Steam home screen, whenever i load a new map with “Open Level”.

Also the splash texture somehow never shows, even when calling “Set Splash Screen” without any level loading.

This is easily reproduceable in Blueprints with the VR template.

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We also have this problem. We verified to not work in 4.14 with the VR blueprint with both Oculus and .

Hello HEGI,

I was able to reproduce this issue on our end. I have written up a report and I have submitted to the developers for further consideration. I have also provided a link to the public tracker. Please feel free to use the link provided for future updates.

Link: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-39216)

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Could you please also test and verify this with Oculus. It is the same problem, neither splash screen nor loading movies work on Oculus and .

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I was able to get this to work on the oculus rift. Try calling the node “Enable Auto Loading Splash Screen” before calling “Set Splash Screen”. I hope that this information helps.

But splash screen should also work even if you don’t use it for loading? Did you also got loading movies to work?

This thread was specific to Steam VR. I will need you to create a new thread for tracking purposes. Once that is done you can post a link in a reply so that someone can follow up. I have provided a few questions below that will help narrow down what issue it is that you are experiencing. Could you provide answers to these questions on the new thread?

Questions for new thread:

  1. What engine version are you using?
  2. Can you reproduce this issue in a clean project?
  3. If so, could you provide a detailed list of steps to reproduce this issue on our end?
  4. Could you provide screen shots of any blueprints/settings that may be involved with this issue?

For everyone else having this issue, note that 39216 has been marked as Won’t Fix for some reason. Really disappointed.

The developer description of UE-39216 does not make sense I am afraid. It is or atleast was not a specific problem with auto but Set Splash Screen did not work either.

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The format for the texture being used in the splash screen must be B8R8G8A8. I have provided a link to the documentation below. As a note this format may be listed slightly different in the editor. I have provided an example below. I hope that this information helps.

Docs: IStereoLayers::SetSplashScreenMovie | Unreal Engine Documentation



Additional information:

After applying this setting and seeing the splash screen, you may notice some stretching. The loading screen is hard coded at 8 by 4.5 meters. If the texture doesn’t match that aspect, it will be stretched.

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Are there any documentations or info on how to get started on using this? I tried searching but there’s so much old and oudated info that I’m having trouble finding anything specific to a VR loading screen. I pretty much want to do what the original poster is doing- Loading another map without having it drop to the SteamVR screen.

Hi Rudy, you say the texture has to be B8R8G8A8 to work correctly, but how do you set that for a movie when used with the “Show loading movie” option? I never got movies to actually show up in the SteamVR splash screen, its always just black. Regular textures work fine.

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I feel that your question is different enough from the original post that it should have it’s own thread for tracking purposes. Could you create a new thread? After this you can post a link in a reply here and someone can follow up.

Is there a method for revisiting closed issues? It seems to me that perhaps the dev team don’t understand the problem here. Putting the issue in the “won’t fix” pile effectively means this will never get looked at again correct? if so, that’s a problem as the suggested alternative doesn’t resolve the issue.

The SteamVR default room still shows when opening a new level (if you are not using seamless travel). Showing/hiding the splash screen manually doesn’t fix that issue, and as far as my experiments tell me - there is no work around other than switching to seamless travel or level streaming. Doing it manually briefly shows the splash screen (expected), then the SteamVR room (the problem), then the splash screen again until you hide it (expected).