4.14 editor crashes - when using more than two landscape layers

Editor always crashes when i create more than two landscape layers…

I have tried everyithing even, creating new project…

anyone have same issue ?

What do the logs say?

no log, it crashes NVIDIA kernel driver anytime

in ue 4.14 preview 2 it was working well

it crashes when u add new layer in landscape material , the when u go to landscape edit — > paint and scroll down to see last layer it crashes immediately

i will try to validate or reinstall, again

i have GTX 570 directCu2

Hello Lemontmoon,

I just attempted to reproduce this issue on my end, and was unable to get the crash to occur. In order to effectively troubleshoot your issue, I will need the crash logs and callstack from the crash you are reporting.

Once we can reproduce this in a blank project, we can continue with the bug reporting process.

Thank you,

HERE IS DXDIAG LOG : https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-HOogRNP4sBRm9LSlROd3NMSU0

sry, it was taking a little bit longer time, i’ve been waiting for official release if it will not dissapear, there are some more crashes related to this issue i’ve reported to answerhub. If I open 4.13 release , everything works like a charm

In 4.14 it crashes : - when editing mesh properties and changing materials - when, I create more than two landscape layers in landscape material , then when i will go to landscape - paint, scroll down to see layers —> boom, also crash

always crashes the Nvidia Kernel Driver

What I have tryed : uninstall UE, install again - reinstall windows - switched to simmilar gpu drivers, - switched my memmory sticks - atached gpu into another slot

I have found searchin google for my type of issues and fouund that this issue is related to more NVIDIA models, from gtx 560 to latest 1000th models based on users reports
is that true >? if yes, should I switch to AMD or will this problem be solved soon >? seems like NVIDIA has some strange problems with shaders compiling , or developing for theese two hardware brands is very simmilar ?


I am going to need the crash logs as well in order to research your crash internally. We are aware of a widespread crash with certain Nvidia drivers and cards, and yours could be falling under that category.

In order to determine if this is the case, I am going to request you add the “-d3ddebug” flag to your executable. This will allow use to read into why the GPU’s could be failing.

To see how you add this flag, follow along on the post below which outlines this process.

Thank you,

hi, I did used -d3ddebug flag and it says

maybe i have found what is wrong , because I have old windows 10 build with disabled anoying updates throught registry my dxdiag says I have directx 11.2 version, and found that dx11.3 is from win build 10586.

I am going to do some research and will give u feedback with later win 10 build if it will solve maybe all those issues with NVIDIA if UE 4.14 is based on dx11.3 and later

check this out !!!


finallyt THATS IT !!! Oh I’ve solved this… its because earlier build version of Windows 10 than 10586 will not recognize d3d11.3 and more.

So all who read this… forget forever crashing KERNEL of GPU after U will get later build , best u can do , get latest AIO version.

Consider this to be solved !!! thanks also for your time ,U really helped me to figure out what da hell whas going on. Maybe I’ve helped a bit also.