4.14 Anyone else getting no performance boost with forward shading and MSAA?

I’m seeing a steady 45 fps in my scene whether I use forward shading or not. The Oculus forward renderer gave me a significant boost when I was using the 4.12 version of that. MSAA looks terrible. I can’t figure out what the big deal with it is. It still shows a shimmering mess in outdoor scenes. Trees look terrible jittery mess. All I have done is tick the forward shading and turned on MSAA in the render settings.
Is there anything else I am meant to select? I know in the Oculus Forward renderer you to use console commands to get it working.


Really disappointed with this :frowning:

hmm, Should be r.MSAACount to get your MSAA samples amount from 4 or 8.

What are you running on your PC?

Fwiw MSAA mostly cleans up polygonal edges from your meshes but does little to clean up aliasing that is occurring within materials. it’s only the depth that benefits really. TemporalAA is better at those cases but obviously has noise and smearing. Would be interesting to see what trees are looking like since it could be very content dependent.

You can think of the forward rendering and vertex fogging options as buying you enough perf to enable MSAA. For robo recall, MSAA made everything look sharper and there wasnt much downside since most geometry was just hard edged architecture but other projects may not benefit as much.

If you want to measure cost, try comparing Forward+Vertex fog to regular deferred with perpixel fog, while keeping both in TempAA or no AA.

maybe DanielW can give more info.

They already stated that the cost of MSAA is slightly higher than the performance benefits of (properly) using the forward renderer, they about cancel each other out.

^^ this exactly.

They basically said that all the gains they received from the forward renderer they used it to turn on MSAA

In the 4.14 preview forward rendering thread, there’s a post by DanielW about foliage and MSAA, where he said Alpha to Coverage didn’t make it into 4.14 after all. That’s why your trees are still super aliased.