4.14.3 Crash on NetworkPlay (AssertFailed)

i’m running into the problem that my project crashs during Playmode when running it from the Editor using a dedicated server/networking/multiple clients. The editor crashs with the following debugging information :

UE4Editor_Core!FDebug::AssertFailed() [d:\build\++ue4+release-4.14+compile\sync\engine\source\runtime\core\private\misc\assertionmacros.cpp:332]
UE4Editor_Engine!FNetGUIDCache::GetObjectFromNetGUID() [d:\build\++ue4+release-4.14+compile\sync\engine\source\runtime\engine\private\packagemapclient.cpp:2405]
UE4Editor_Engine!UPackageMapClient::InternalLoadObject() [d:\build\++ue4+release-4.14+compile\sync\engine\source\runtime\engine\private\packagemapclient.cpp:854]
UE4Editor_Engine!UPackageMapClient::InternalLoadObject() [d:\build\++ue4+release-4.14+compile\sync\engine\source\runtime\engine\private\packagemapclient.cpp:744]

It appears that the NetGUIDs are bogus. Is there any way to sanitize the blueprints/variables for this or a way to further trace down which blueprint/variable is causing the problem ? I’m stuck solving this issue. I tried delete the projects intermediate folder, deleting the engine intermediate folder. Nothing appears to be working except :

When i open all blueprints used and compile/save it starts working, however the fix is not persistent, i have to do it every time before hitting the Play button.

Hey Burnz,

I have a few questions regarding your crash:

  • Could you please cause the crash to occur again, and when it does, provide your Machine Id from the Crash Reporter window and ensure to hit Send & Close on the report?
  • Could you provide the logs from your project’s Saved->Logs folder after the crash occurs?


I am marking this topic as resolved for tracking purposes, as we have not heard from you in a few days. If this issue persists, feel free to respond to this thread. For any new issues, please create a new Answerhub topic.

Have a great day

Totally forgot about this issue as i solved it myself. Sean, the root of the issue appears to be Datatables, i have a datatable with items for my game which is used over multiple Blueprints. It appears when making changes to the datatable not all blueprints are aware of the changes. My solution was to remove all references from these blueprints and only link the database to a single blueprint, then create a function that allow other blueprints to access the data.