4.14.3&4.15p2 [BUG] particle cutout module renders weird on vulkan

If I add the particle cutout module like the screenshot below,the particle will render weird (flicker)with vulkan (ASTC) on my Galaxy S7edge Android 7.0.If I leave that module blank,the particle works fine.
To reproduce,just create a particle and use the main texture of the emitter material as the cutout texture,and set the Opacity Source Mode accordingly.Then package to Android(ASTC)to Galaxy S7edge.


Hey ,

I tested this with one of our assets and didn’t see any flickering. Would you mind providing the assets you tested with so that I may have a better chance at reproducing this?


Could you tell me the link of your private forum address,so that I can send you a copy? a lot!

I have sent you another pm,please take a look.!


Good news! I was able to reproduce the flickering after a bit of additional testing. I plan to make a JIRA soon and will update this post when I’m done! So ignore my PM I sent earlier.

[UPDATE] here is a link to the JIRA: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-41857)

You can track the issue as it is reviewed by our staff. If you have any additional issues or questions don’t hesitate to leave a comment.