4.13P3 Texture Bug

Was doing some development on 4.13 but there seems to be an issue with importing textures.

The screen on the left has 4.13.p3 and the one on the right has 4.12.5.


Clean imports both times.

I reproduced this using some megascans assets; imported them and hooked up the basecolour.

I took the FBX (LOD0) then imported it, & the albedo image. I then hooked it up into a material. It works fine in 4.12.5 but not in 4.13.p3

I think UVWs arent getting imported correctly-causing the messed up textures.

Hi Jack,

What method were you using to get those assets in your 4.13 p3 project?

For example, did you convert your existing 4.12.5 project, migrate you assets into the 4.13 p3 project, or did you manually import the textures?

A list of steps leading to the bug will be very helpful in this case.


Did some more digging and I can confirm something is causing UVWs not to be imported.

I sent you an email with the assets in question :).

Also forgot to add this can be replicated in 4.13.0

Hi JackBlackshroud,

I was able to fix this issue however, I couldn’t find a method to reproduce this issue in a different asset. Here are my steps to resolve this issue:

  • Import the .fbx of the tree stump into 3dsMax
  • Make a simple cube from the creation tab
  • Snap it to the stump using Alt-A so that their pivot’s are perfectly aligned and oriented
  • Convert the cube into an editable poly and attach the stump asset so they are one object
  • Delete the cube element
  • Rename the Stump now that it is named Cube001 and export it
  • Be sure to manually import it if you use the reimport feature the issue will remain


Attach the stump object with one created natively in 3dsMax and delete the unwanted elements in editable poly then export.

Hope that helps,


Odd that it works in 4.12 but not 4.13 though.


Yes, this is a major issue that I’m investigating at the moment. I will submit a bug report once I can get a solid test case set up.

Hmm, Just had an idea after spitballing with the team - it might be something zBrush related.

Just adding to this due to the zbrush remark.
This might be related to that weird fbx UV-issue I had as well, as all the meshes that where causing this issue had their origins from ZBrush.

I might try something tonight.
edit: that “try” worked, will update my own AH post

Possible recreation of the issue.

A Bug Report has been made for this issue here:

I don’t know the origin of your stump asset but I wasn’t able to repro UV issues in 3dsMax or Maya for .fbx files


Did you try with something created in zbrush and imported into max?

Yes, I couldn’t reproduce the issue consistently going from z-brush to max. Once the devs push out a fix this will undergo additional investigation.

There may be a chance that using a decimated mesh won’t allow you to use your secondary UV channel when importing to Max from Z-brush.