4.13 Widget Interaction Component Tutorial

No frills tutorial on how to get the Widget Interaction Component up and running in 4.13. There’s a lot of stuff that I need to explore more on and figure out, but this will get you to a good place really quickly.

Cool, but does it work with Gear VR?

My guess it should. I would give a try where you get the function Press/Release Pointer Key and Make the Key Touch0. Also ensure the Widget interaction is on Center Screen… That’s just a guess I think would work :slight_smile:

Yes it will work with anything, and Chad is correct, Center Screen will probably be your best bet for that.

can anyone confirm for me that widget interaction component works if it is spawned during gameplay? It refuses to work for me if it is not placed in the editor.

Looks like in 4.13 it defaults to auto-activate false (I’ve fixed this for 4.14 - to be true). So if you spawn it dynamically, make sure to call Activate on it.

Yeah, I posted this in a bug report, but it was ignored it looks like, but I definitely caught that in my tutorials