4.13 vr templates (why no optimal settings included)

I`m wondering why they did not automatically preset optimal settings for VR when you start a new project with the VR template.

For example:

General Settings > Framerate > Smooth Frame Rate = OFF
General Settings > Framerate > Min Desired Framerate = 90 (cv1)
Engine > Rendering > Default Post Processing Settings > Anti-Aliasing Method = Temporal AA(*)

(Target Hardware: Set to mobile w/ scalable 2D and 3D)

Also - since 4.13 we now have the Forward Rendering option. Is it production ready or are there still too many constraints (especially post process-wise)?
(*) If forward rendering can be used the preferred Anti Aliasing method should probably be MSAA.

Are there any other settings devs should automatically/immediately change when a new project is being bui from the VR template ?

Where did you see (menu ?) that 4.13 has Forward Rendering ?

Project Settings > Engine > Rendering > Forward Shading > Forward Shading (Experimental) checkbox