4.13 VR Template


Trying to create a new project using the new VR Template introduced in 4.13. But when I select new project there is no VR Template option.

Does anybody have any idea why?

Could somebody possibly upload the template files for me???

Thanks in advance!!!

The VR template is only available in the list of templates when you are creating a blueprint project (not C++). Could that be the issue for you?

It might be possible to create a blank c++ project and add the Blueprint template later using the content browser though, using the new “Add Feature” function there.

Dont you have to just load the map you prefer out of the map folder to choose the template you want

Do you work on Mac ? Cause when i tried on my mac there was no vr template… I didn’t found any information about mac OS restriction on the web, but I guessed that was the problem, so i tried on windows and it was working.