4.13 VR Template Teleport on objects


maybe its a noob question but Iam still new to unreal engine. I tested different VR Templates and now the official 4.13 VR Template. I noticed that Iam not able to teleport on objects. Just inside objects or next to objects. Isnt it possible to teleport on static meshes with this template? Or have I not found the option to activate it?
At the moment I can just teleport on the ground level. Stairs and platforms are impossible.

Thanks for your help

i really like to know as well how to move vertically.
I can’t seem to find anything about it

**** Same Problem happened here, Angled Nav Mesh is not working either, Ark can pointed and detect Nav mesh , but Circle will only allowed moved horizontally.

Hey , i think i just got it work based on some tests.

First , please have your static mesh collision presets on “Block all” , then build a NavmeshBoundVolume around the object , Under Navmesh’s collision , i had block all , and the most important is you have your "can ever affect Navigation " ticked, then your controller will follow your nav mesh and go vertically. I also tried rotate Navmesh Cube and angled NAVmesh , seems like that doen’t work.

I am not sure it is the best way to do it, let me know if you guys have better solutions. :slight_smile:

Yes, enclose all of your geometry in a single Navemesh Cube, then set Block All collisions on only the geometry onto which you want to teleport.