4.13 VR Template separate controllers

Hello, I’m playing around with the new VR template in 4.13 (Preview 3) and it seems that the Motion Controller Blueprint has only one controller in it that it then duplicates and flips to serve as the 2nd controller.

While this is fine for controllers that are identical, I would like to individually texture my controllers and also add a widget to only the left controller.

I can bypass the flipping easily enough by going into the BP_MotionController > EventBeginPlay and disconnecting the SetWorldScale3D node that flips the 2nd controller, but that’s only part of what I want to do.

So basically, my question is: How do I separate the controllers for individual texturing and individual control?


In the VR Pawn, under comment “Spawn and attach both motion controllers” - you will find nodes that spawns the controller BP twice - one for each hand. So maybe do this -
Duplicate BP_MotionController. Rename it. Then edit it to your hearts content and instead of spawning BP_MotionController under “left controller” or “right controller” switch the spawn class to BP_“WhatEverYouNamedIt”.
Should spawn custom BP to whichever or both hands.
Not fully tested but let me know!


Any update on this?

Thx a lot :slight_smile: It works for me :wink:

Take a look on the post before yours it works for me. ++