4.13 VR Template Locomotion issue

Hi again,

in the process of integrating the new 4.13 VR template (with motion controllers) into my existing project, I have run into the next issue:

the locomotion doesn’t work. I’ve imported the Input settings from the template, but only pushing the Trigger button shows effect (hand closing and opening). Nice!

But! The blue locomotion parabola is cut off and teleporting doesn’t work.

The Nav Mesh Bounds Volume seems to be correct.

My guess is that I have to do a lot of reconnecting in various blueprints in order to get all functionality from the 4.13 VR template to work in my own levels.

I can’t find any documentation though :confused:

Any help would be highly appreciated.

Thanks, Rob

I just started a completely blank level, copied over the VRPawn, set up a floor BSP and a matching Nav Mesh Bounds Volume. Locomotion works.

Conclusion: the problem has to be inside my level (see screenshots above). Will do more testing. Ideas still welcome. Thanks!

Found it: I had a SkySphere that was blocking all navigation. Derp.

how can i find/use the new vr template in 4.13 ?

its a new option in the Create New Project screen

did you manage to make this work in a static mesh (not BSP)?

I am having the same issue. Can’t get the parabola /teleport to work after migrating to my project.