4.13 VR Template: How to teleport onto boxes, platforms

The new VR template in 4.13 provides so much useful functionality out of the box. One thing I’m not clear on, however, is how to allow a player to teleport themselves onto boxes or other platforms using the built in VR teleport mechanic that has been implemented in the “BP_MotionController” blueprint. I’m guessing it somehow involves nav meshes (a topic I’m unfortunately not familiar with). Can someone point me in the right direction?

Note, I’d like to understand how to teleport onto both static platforms and dynamic platforms.

I’m trying to work on this too. Seems you can only teleport onto a basic geometry brush. I am trying to change this so I can move onto static meshes but having no luck. This is still a little over my head.


I found a solution. It involves making some modifications to the bkueprint(s). I’ll try to type up a step-by-step guide in the next couple days. In your case, which locomotion choice are you using - plain HMD or HMD with motion controllers?

I noticed that its set to only allow teleport/blink onto world static, I changed that and got some progress. I am using the Motion Controllers for the locomotion.

I’ve posted a video showing how to modify the VR template to support teleporting onto any surface including dynamic and physics surfaces.

Enhanced Teleporting with Unreal Engine 4.13 VR Template (Video)

Krxtopher - Thanks for the great video tutorial! FYI - I made an additional change in an attempt to get the VRPawn to ride on moving objects - and it seems to work. I turned the scene root into a collision capsule with physics, and changed the “Handle Teleportation” in the Event Graph to account for it. The ‘teleport’ is handled in two parts. One to translate the physics body(self); and one to rotate the VROrigin. (this is because I had lock all rotation on the physics body). I don’t have much experience, so…I’d be interested to know how other people do this.