4.13 VR Template 2nd Controller flipped

Hello, I’m playing around with the new VR template in 4.13 and I’m trying to create a custom controller skin. I’m using the Vive OBJ files provided by SteamVR, which import and texture just fine. The problem is with the 2nd controller, which is a flipped version of the 1st controller, and uses the same texture, which ends up horizontally flipped.

So basically, my question is: How do I separate the controllers for individual texturing and individual control?

I also want to create a widget for the left controller only and not have it show on the right controller. I’m doing this by creating a widget and making it a child of the Hand mesh in the Motion Controller BP, but the widget is getting duplicated and flipped on the other controller.


So I can prevent the flipping quite easily, by going into the BP_MotionController Event Graph > EventBeginPlay and breaking the connection to SetWorldScale3D that inverts the 2nd controller.

However, I’m still left with the issue of not being able to texture them individually or have individual widgets on either one.


I’m also looking for an answer to this. I have a widget with text on the right VR Motion Controller (Oculus), but the text is reversed on the left motion controller.

Also, Avinashlobo, are you able to interact with the widgets in your project? My widget is clickable but only once, I can’t figure out why.

Did you find a solution ? I m looking for it since hours and became crazy. I m thinking about creating my own vr template… :confused: