[4.13][VIVE] VR Mirror output to fullscreen

Hi all,

Hoping someone here can assist with this. We have recently updated our engine from 4.11 to 4.13 as part of an update we are looking to put out. Since the update we have noticed the social screens are no longer displaying a single full screen image on the social screens.

  • Oculus is displaying the stereo image
  • Vive is displaying a single image but in a portrait view, with two thick black bars on either side.

We’ve found the following post VR Mirror Standard Output - Community & Industry Discussion - Epic Developer Community Forums that talks about using the “HMD Mirror Mode 4” console command to display a full single view. but this only works on Oculus development builds.

Can anyone help with getting this working on the VIVE, and shipping builds.

We put together a step by step tutorial for it. Hope this helps!

Thank you so so very much for that video

Note that since 4.17 is out, the HMD view is set fullscreen using the Vive.