4.13 Usage of the VR Template

Trying to figure out the best way to describe my issue.

I create a new level based off the VR Template, fire it up and … nothing. Well, nothing it the wrong word; I’m in VR, but not interacting with either mode. I figure I’m missing something basic, but something isn’t clicking for me.

Not sure how we’re supposed to interact with the template - I would assume that there would be some intractable element to switch modes.

Oh, derp. I assumed that it would take me to the appropriate map, not just tell me which map I had to load.

OK, Hope that clears up confusion for others.

I fell into the same trap. Your topic saved me some grief. Thanks! :slight_smile:

how do you load the appropriate map? I’m stuck on something similar, total noob to Unreal, though, so your “solution” typed here went over my head …

Just open the map inside VirtualRealityBP/Maps