4.13 Mixed Reality Video

I had thought that mixed reality video was going to be supported in 4.13. Perhaps I haven’t dived deep enough into the 4.13 rabbit hole yet, but has anyone uncovered how to do this? I didn’t see anything in the update notes regarding MR.

Yeah, I was looking for it too. I’m guessing maybe it got pushed back to the next update. We’ll have to ask epic during their live streams to see if they can get us an answer…

Also very curious about this. Is this being added like it is in Unity?

I expect 4.14 it’ll come.

Did anyone ask during the livestream?
@Slayemin, any info?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iTlnm8Jn6_c check this video guys!! Someone made a MR for UE game!