4.13 Animation Features Part 1 and September UE4Jam Theme - Sept. 8th - Live from Epic HQ


Jeremy Ernst and Jurre de Baare are coming on the stream to talk about a lot of the new animation features that are in the 4.13 build of Unreal Engine. They’ll be exploring Alembic Vertex Animations, Node Watcher and more! There’s so much to cover, we’ll be doing a follow-up stream later to show off all of the amazing animation features.

Also in this exciting stream, Alexander will reveal the September UE4jam theme and kick things off!

Thursday, September 8th @ 2:00PM ET - Countdown]



Jurre de Baare - Framework Programmer - @EpicJurre](
Jeremy Ernst - Lead Technical Animator - @Epic_Ernst](
Alexander Paschall - Community Manager - @UnrealAlexander](


That was a rather confusing stream at first when you were showing the boxes with the Pose Driver, illustrating that it’s not just limited to sculpted correctives or pre-baked scenarios. Sounds like it basically can do the same thing as “Joint Controlled Morphs” in Poser/Daz Studio, which is similar to the old LBRUSH plugin for Maya by Joe Alter. Maya 2016.5/2017 also has a new Pose and Shape Editing Tools for sculpting Correctives/Pose Space Deformations. It would definitely be nice to see it used with a character example, perhaps driving muscle deformation, Overgrowth style pose animation or the Paragon character you mentioned.

The archive is now up! Enjoy.