[4.13] "AI Move To" funciton

in release notes: Unreal Engine 4.13 Released! it is said: “Made Simple Move To Location/Actor reset velocity only if the agent is already at goal.”

BUT I found that everytime that function is called it restarts velocity back to 0 and than it starts accelerating to maximum speed. Character is moving in right direction, but it looks and behivs weird.Since I am calling “ai move to” every 1s it look and behives weird, like it is going and than it stops than start accelerating back to maximum speed and it repets it until it comes to the end. In 4.12.5 when characater starts, it would accelerate to maximum speed and when reach maximum speed it would just keep on going to the end at maximum speed. So any help, it may be a bug, maybe I am wrong…

The release notes says about Simple Move To BP functions family. AI Move To is not part of that family, and there was a bug in it that have been fixed for 4.13.1. Once it’s out please update your project and let me know if you still experience any issues (should be fine, though!)



This is NOT fixed in 4.13.1 - i’m having exactly the same issue issue and i’m on 4.13.1

Not fixed for me either. Spent ages not working on my game to wait for this update. It’s such a key function that really needs fixing

Hello everyone,
Maybe I’m wrong, but it seems that your issue is that the AI_move_to node is “resetting” the velocity of your controlled pawn to 0 every time it’s being called. Therefore, the pawn seems like it’s moving and stopping all the time. If you even use a shorter timer for calling AI_move_to, it seems weirder as the pawn seems to move really slowly.

Anyway, if this is the case, I found a solution by creating a temporary variable: temp_velocity. You set temp_velocity with your pawn velocity right before the AI_move_to node. Right after, you set the pawn velocity to temp_velocity.

Tell me if it’s not clear (or if I’m answering something else :confused: ) or if it works for you.

Hello everybody,

Sorry for the confusion. What was fixed was for “Move to Location” Blueprint node and not the “AI MoveTo” node. However, I have submitted a new issue ticket for the AI MoveTo Blueprint node. You can view it here:


The Move To Location Blueprint node should have the functionality to move to a position without the freeze.

This work for me until bug fixed. Sorry is in spanish capture. Thank you Shining

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