4.12 Release Preview and May UE4jam Winners Announced! - May 26th - live from Epic HQ

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There are a lot of exciting things in store for this livestream; Fricker is coming on to talk about 4.12 and answer your questions, the May UE4jam winners will be announced, we’re raffling off Intel hardware and we have news+community spotlights. Make sure to catch up before the stream and play the UE4jam submissions and test out the 4.12 Preview.

Thursday, May 26th @ 2:00PM ET - Countdown]



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Wheyy! Can’t wait guys, really looking forward to hearing about the new tools! :smiley:
Good luck to with the jam too! I really enjoyed it, next one will be oculus based for me!

Can’t wait to see which other games have been created during the GameJam and who won this time (:

Still 25 hours though >.<

Really excited to see the results of this jam! Regardless of the outcome, I’m glad I got a to participate.

4 more hours… I still opened twitch just in case >_<

Will Instanced Stereo Rendering support DFAO in 4.12? What is the future of DFAO and dynamic realtime GI looking like anyhow? So far every implementation that isn’t based on static light baking has been backlogged.

DFAO is so expensive that it’s almost impossible to use in VR. That’s why making it work with Instanced Stereo Rendering is probably not a high priority.

Yes, right now it is, especially if you are worried about current hardware. Not an answer to my question, thanks though.

So, a few questions for :cool:

In the stream I’ve already asked about the Async Post Process since that’s the feature I’m most hyped for in 4.12. Its this card on the roadmap:

It’s marked as [DONE 4.12] so I would think it’s in 4.12. I think it’s probably something like AMD showed here:

And since Post Process is quite heavy in VR I would love to know if it’s really improving stuff as much as showed there.

The other question I have is about the “compute based triangle occlusion and backface culling” on the roadmap. It’s marked for May/June, so it should be added to the master branch soon. I would like to know what exactly that means, my guess would be that it means implementing this stuff from AMDs GeometryFX they made free to use with their GPUOpen stuff:

Do you plan to integrate that code from AMD or is the roadmap talking about something else?

Next question would be about the Oculus Forward Renderer. You said you at Epic are working on your own Forward Rendering solution that would not support all features but be more designed for desktop than the current mobile forward renderer. How would your implementation differ from the implementation Oculus did? The way Oculus blog post sounds it supports all current desktop rendering features, which is great. When would the implementation from Epic be usable? VR games that are currently in development or released want to have such performance improvements as soon as possible.

I would love to see the path from oculus integrated as an experimental feature in the engine. The 73% performance increase they get are really significant. I can’t really use their code since I run a modified version of the engine and I want to be able to use 4.12 and released hotfixes and Oculus said they don’t plan to maintain their forward fork. Please take their code and implement it so that it’s not a “use theirs and stay at 4.11 forever” thing. 73% better performance is significant, but being forced to stay at 4.11 or having to constantly manually merge new versions and hotfixes is not nice.

Are you considering implementing oculus path or will you only focus on your own forward implementation?

And one more question, is it planned to support texture arrays in UE4? They are quite useful. :slight_smile:

Freakin awesome, i won a raffle thing! Thanks!!!

I miss this one, do you know when the youtube link will be up?



Awesome stream. I actually have a question related to something already in the engine - how can I verify that my setup for “animations on worker thread” is correct?