4.12 New lighting seems to brighten and darken over time

I don’t know what’s happening here. Every time I look at a bright light, the surrounding environment darkens slightly to create a bit more contrast. Then, when I look away from the light source, the rest of the scene is really dark and gradually brightens up. I kind of don’t like this and want to know how to turn it off. Either the bright light just blooms my scene or I look away and can’t see anything. I don’t want to simulate an iris adjusting.

The scene I’m trying to create is a moon lit scene, where moonlight from a full moon is the primary directional light source. I don’t want a pitch black sky, so I’m using both atmospheric fog and exponential height fog to help illuminate some parts of the scene and create a bit more ambient lighting. This is particularly noticeable with atmospheric fog. When I start my game, the scene is the perfectly adjusted level of brightness, but then the atmospheric fog gradually turns on and brightens my scene until it looks like daylight, which is not what I wanted. I’m really new at this, so bear with me.

Here are three screenshots of my lighting. ALL I am doing is changing the direction my character faces. You’ll notice that some parts of the scene are very brightly lit, and other parts of the scene are almost pitch black. Notice the change in the color in the sky as well. Some angles cause it to be nearly black, and other angles cause it to bloom out to a twilight visibility. All I want is a lighting solution which is consistent, no matter what direction I’m facing.

This is near the ideal lighting condition, though I may need to tone down the light shaft intensities slightly.

Sky is now too bright

So dark, you almost can’t see anything. Not good!

It’s called eye adaptation which is usually caused by the min max brightness of the Auto expose with in a post process volume. Make the min max the same and it will stop.

Ah, yes. That’s exactly what it was! Thanks!

It’s weird, I never had to mess with that setting in 4.11, but as soon as I updated to 4.12 it became very noticeable.

You might want to disable it from Project Settings. I think that’s where it was. Just check for Eye Adaptation.

The reason why you should completely disable is that, even when given same numbers for min-max, its still functioning behind and its taking way longer to produce the effect, not a direct stop.