4.12 Distance Fields no longer working?

Hello, after moving to 4.12, Distance Fields seem to no longer be working.

Turning on Mesh DistanceFields from visibility doesn’t do anything, and any materials using the DistanceToNearestSurface node no longer work either.
I’ve tried turning Distance Fields on and off, restarting unreal, etc.

Any idea what the issue may be?

Have you tried turning the scalability settings for Shadows to Epic?

I just did that and it worked, thanks.

But does this mean it will only work on epic in game? I’m trying to make the game scalable so if Mesh distance fields only work on Epic shadows, I’ll have to stop using them.

I think so :frowning: From my understanding, epic quality shadows enables SM5 features, and those are needed for Mesh Distance Fields

Ah that’s a bummer. Thanks for the info!

The important settings are r.DistanceFieldShadowing and r.DistanceFieldAO, both need to be turned on in order to use distance fields for anything. You can still prevent those shading features from being used by turning them off on the relevant light sources.

The default scalability settings have r.DistanceFieldShadowing and r.DistanceFieldAO only enabled on Epic. You can setup whatever scalability settings you want for your game.

What pipeline is recommended to build scalable distance field-dependent FXs? Should one spawn specific particle systems (w/ and w/o distance field material nodes and gpu collisions) manually depending on current shadow scalability or is it possible to somehow determine if distance field is enabled in material itself (like feature level or material quality switch) or in particle system editor?