[4.12.5] Unwanted shadows when moving objects

Hello, I have this issue when I move a object in my scene. The object is lighter in some areas and darker in other areas.

*****Tested with and without postprocessing and no postprocessing at all
*****Tested with and without skysphere, fog and bloom
*****Tested with and without auto-exposure
*****Dosent happend with standar Epic content
*****Tested with 4.11, seems to be better but still happening (Last two shots is from 4.11.2)

What can cause this?



I think I figured it out. It can be the AO. Edit: No, still happens after more troubleshooting. Hope it can be fixed.

Based on the images shown, it looks like the item you are moving is set to static. Have you been rebuilding the lighting after you move it? You need to do this anytime you move static objects.

Before rebuilding lights:

Is it supposed to be like this? Its looks kinda nice now, but I think its too dark :slight_smile: Also, when I move around in the scene with the camera, it goes very dark and when I stop it slowly fades in to normal again.
After turning postprocessing off:


Heres with postprocessing on unbound:


It turns out that auto exposure was the problem. Case solved.

Did you turn it off completely, or change settings in auto exposure?

I adjusted the settings so the scene dont go completly dark when I moving the camera.

Heres the settings for that level, if your`e wondering :slight_smile: