4.12.5 Mobile Spotlights don't affect Translucent Materials

This looks to be a recurring issue carrying over as far back as 4.12.0, when I reported the same bug. It was since marked as fixed, though I never ran any further tests to confirm this on my end. It appears it may have resurfaced in 4.12.5, I have attached screenshots captured from a brand new project, as well as the material. I’ve tried switching between different translucent models, but none of them are affected by mobile spotlights. Point lights and directional lights of any mobility setting appear to work fine.

Hi Hippowombat,

This looks to already be resolved internally in our 4.13. It is broken in 4.12 for spotlights that I see.

Thank you!


Thanks for the clarification Tim :slight_smile: Is there a projected date that we’ll be seeing 4.13/some previews for 4.13?

Thanks for your time! :slight_smile:

Projected release date for 4.13 is at the end of August/Early September. Previews are usually a month before, but no specific dates on when these will start.