4.11 VR Preview not rendering in stereo

After an hour of testing, with our current project converted to 4.11 aswell as the default FirstPerson, I am not able to get stereo rendering (Vive) when using VR Preview. It launches as a regular standalone. Console command “stereo on” doesn’t work either. I’ve tried with and without SteamVR running (It used to work either way). Instanced stereo rendering on/off doesn’t matter, and everything works well on 4.10.1. Any ideas?

Running binary build, windows 10.

I have got the same problem, it’s a bug in UE4 with the screen percentage.

If you put the screen percentage below 130, it should be working in vr preview. You could try 100 at least.

if you compile a version, it will be working whatever the percentage.

The headset tracking in 4.11 is not working for me with the Vive though:(