4.11 Uv set issue

Hello, I have a problem with UV SETS. My mesh has 3 uv set, I am setting normal maps on the third uv set which is this

The seam is under the mesh, and the uvs are unwrapped to hide it.
The problem is this:

The normal is flipped on the seam in the first uv set!!

This is the graph

It’s really simple.
The texturecoordinate is set on THIRD UV.

It works like a charme on the color, but the normal map inverts on the first UV set seam… even if it’s mapped on the third!

sometimes, depending on what you used to bake the normals, you need to flip the green channel for the normal to get it to appear correctly. Open up the normal texture and click the ‘flip green channel’ setting.
See if that helps.