4.11 preview 7 Stereo Panoramic export works!

can anyone help me in findiig the way I can prompt the command during the game play?. Thanks a lot

If anyone’s interested I’ve made some modifications to the plugin to enable saving out top/bottom images (just included the changes from the ninja theory post), take in post processing volumes, enable exposure adjustment, and only render certain actors to create masks. Not promising something super polished but if you want to check it out just send me a message.

I am getting the same problem in 4.13 with no shadows in one eye does anyone have any ideas of how to fix this.

Any one got the postprocessing volume working? I did add the code inside SceneCapturer.cpp And saved the file. But i see no changes. Still getting dark images. Also tryed to change the camera postprocessing settings but again no luck…

Use the console command node for each command you need in the level blueprint. I usually just set it to fire off with my “t” or “r” ket to test different settings once I start playing the level.

Hey Gforman123.

I’m interested in checking out the modifications you did to the plugin. I hope you can post it here or send me a message.

Thank You

Hi Gforman
I’m interested too to see your plug in modified.
Thank you

I’m definitely interested @Gforman123! Please dm with the info. Thank you!

How do you guys use the SP.PanoramicMovie with a matinee? I tried to capture a small camera movement but all the resulted frames are the same from the same location
Thank you for your help.

Update : nevermind i found what i did wrong. thank you

Hey Everybody,

I just wanted to let you know that I figured out a way to get the images to stop coming out so dark without having to adjust any C++ code. If you input r.tonemapperfilm = 1 into the UE4 console and then use the following Post Processing settings you can get images to not be as dark.

  • White Balance
  • Color Grading
  • Film
  • Scene Color
  • Global Illumination

Here is an image taken from Showdown that shows the difference enabling r.tonemapperfilm will have on the way the output images look.


I’m interested too. Thank you in advance! Could you make a tutorial, step by step to modify and rebuilt the plugin? I’m not a programmer and even if I modify the file like ninja theory say in his article, it doesnt’ work. I think I have to rebuilt the plugin but I dont know the way to do it.

hi, i solved problem with combined images and with post process effects, output result is not dark, and it is a jpeg format.

Hi Dammar91, can you tell us how you did, or offer some download of your edited files? Thanx.

I tried this too, but can´t get the player with matinee ;( What did you choose as a function? How does matinee actor come up? If i want to choose it in blueprint, it cant find this name. ;-(Only level sequence player comes up. Thanx for help.

Hey guys,

This is awesome

I’ve also been using panoramas for presenting in mobile VR recently. I suggest you try
Its simple - import panos, link them with warps for full tours and share for viewing via the web, Android, iOS and GearVR apps.

Keep making cool designs!

is there anyway to produce monoscopic images instead of stereo with this plugin?

do i have to use a certain pawn for my project, I typed in the console to take a screenshot but nothing showed up in my folder?


I hope you dont mind I tried your pano in VR mode. Looks really awesome, shame it wasnt rendered for longer

View in VR here

P.S. I made the VR tour on
Info here

Hi KrisKarn,

Thanks you for your comment, no is not a problem for me you can use it.
Actually I didn’t take the time recently to work on 360 renderer.
I didn’t know “” that look great, it is easy to setup ? Normal is blurred ?

I can try to make a longest clip I already have a classic video made for this scene.

I dont like messing with the engines code. Did anyone create a plugin that automatically creates 1 top/bottom image. Right now I have to take the left and right image into photoshop and saving them out.