[4.11 Preview 4] FBX import normal flipped

When FBX file is imported, the normals are flipped and as a result mesh appears transparent. If I flip the normals in 3D software(3DS Max) then, mesh is visible but mesh appears black when light is built. This behavior is observed for certain FBX files only. I am unable to replicate this for all the FBX files.

But when the same FBX file(for which normals are flipped in 4.11) is imported in 4.10 then normals are fine.

I have uploaded one of the FBX file for which I faced this problem.

Hi ,

Thank you for the test asset. I was able to reproduce this and have submitted UE-26194 for this to be investigated.

Looking at the various options in UE4 I did not find a workaround for the moment. Hopefully this can be resolved soon in one of the upcoming preview releases.

Thank you for taking the time to report this!


Thanks Tim,

I forgot to mention one more interesting point (which is also a workaround currently I am using).

1 - Import the asset using 4.10
2 - Export (Asset Actions → Export) the asset.
3 - Import it into 4.11 Preview.

Now, it seems the mesh normals is proper.

One more point is, I had problem of mesh rotation if I used FBX exporter of 3DS Max 2015(even in 4.10. Again, not with all meshes). So I am using 3DS Max 2013 for all my work. May be this is a different issue but just wanted to know, is there any relation with FBX exporter version also?

FBX 2015 and 2016 are not yet supported in UE4 only up to FBX 2014 is supported. So I wouldn’t be surprised with something like that. There have been numerous reports of crashing when using FBX 2016 to import or other odd behavior.