[4.11]Mobile Rendering BUG

I have enable the separateTranslucency both in projectsettings and in device profiler,and everything works fine in editor :the particle(translucent) never appears out of focus with depth of field enabled.But this does not work on ios devices(iphone6 plus,iphone6s etc).Thanks.

Hi, I’m afraid separate translucency doesn’t work on mobile, but we added a simplified version of it for of the ProtoStar demo we showed a few weeks ago in order to add render particles that are not affected by DoF.

That should be available be in version 4.12.

Oh thanks very much!That’s really a good news!When will the 4.12 preview available?I’m looking forward to it very much!

The first preview is coming around the end of April, although that schedule could change.

Thanks!I’m a little curious about when will vulkan be available since the ProtoStar demo is so cool on galaxy s7!

Vulkan will also be available in as an experimental feature in 4.12. There is already some code checked in on GitHub. I’m not sure exactly when we will be sharing the ProtoStar contents though.