[4.11] Intel HD4000 - Flickering in editor

Hi all,

I am experiencing issues since updating to 4.11 Preview 8 and now also with the 4.11 final. The editor window starts flickering like crazy when the Editor UI draws hover text boxes.

I am using a laptop with Intel Core i5-3220M (Intel HD4000 graphics), 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD. Issue persisted with stock windows driver and most recent Intel driver from 26.05.2015 on Win64 with UE4 Win64 build. (DxDiag attached)

Can you please help me to narrow this issue down.



If you’re getting the drivers from Intel’s Software, then it’s actually not the latest. I’m not sure why, but their software lies. The latest drivers for your integrated graphics can be found here.

Update to those and let me know if it helps.

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Thank you ,

you were right. Had to go through a third party site to get the latest drivers for 3rd generation Core i5, which is from January 2016. No more issues :slight_smile:

Awesome, glad it helped.

i have the same glitch but i have a hd3000 how can i fix it?

According to my source for the drivers (Computerbase.de) HD3000 seems like the older 2nd processor generation processors. It seems Intel has not updated those drivers since Sep.2015.

Hope Epic staff has a more pleasing answer.

Hi guys,

First of all, I would NOT recommend downloading drivers from 3rd party websites. The latest drivers on Intel’s appear to be a completely different version than on that site.

Most 2nd Gen HD Graphics processors are on machines that will likely struggle to even run the editor. If you have issues, please post your dxdiag info.

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