4.11 Features Preview - Live From Epic HQ


is back on the stream to discuss the latest and greatest features coming out in the 4.11 release. We’ll be diving into the upcoming build’s notes and talk about what all you can expect in the pending release!


Thursday, March 24th @ 2:00PM ET - Countdown]



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Oh yeah! Finally new release! Super awesome <3

What is expected release date of Vulkan support in UE4?

Is this release going to have all the awesome new sequencer tools showcased at the gdc streams?

At one point it was suggested that the animation marker system showed off in the Paragon animation stream made it into 4.11. Can we get a confirmation either way? Thanks!

What is planned for sequencer beyond the 4.11 release in terms of features?

Yeah, finally another stream with :slight_smile:

When the 4.11 will be released?


May we expect some cool assets which show the power of new 4.11 features? for example, Paragon stuff :slight_smile:

Can’t wait for the #FrickerParty to begin!

Oh, and while I’m here I might aswell throw a Question in (altho, not sure if knows or wants to go beyond 4.11 on the stream):

What about built-in Camera support for HMDs (eg. Vive) and Mobile (eg. GearVR and stand-alone) so we can do both see-through in VR and AR with a front-facing camera?

Reason I’m asking is that I looked into various libraries that might help me on Android (such as OpenCV and AR Toolkit), but they don’t really work out-of-the-box with Android 5.0+ on the native side. Altho, tbh, I haven’t tried Horvath’s AR Plugin yet, which might be able to do the job.