4.11 cloth shader examples

Where is the new cloth shader example for 4.11, I want to be able to use the cloth shader in my project but I cant do it without an example??

I don’t know about an example, but why not set your material to the new cloth shading model and go from there; shouldn’t be too hard to experiment and see what you come up with

The content examples includes updates for 4.11 including cloth, hair, eye and skin shaders. Just select download 4.11 project.


Sparrow would make for a nice example file. :wink:

I did download that but I didnt see any kind of cloth shader example??

Open the cloth map. The first example uses the new cloth material shader. If you open the material (it’s called “M_ClothingMaterial” ) you can see that it’s Shading Model is set to “Cloth”. The shading model is fairly easy to use, it just adds two new pins: Fuzz Color and Cloth.

It would be nice to have the documentation updated