4.11.2 RenderTarget with SceneCapture2D causes screen flicker/crashes/performance drops

Using render target texture for scene capture can cause huge performance drops, occasional crashes on start, and screen flickering with some specific post process settings such AA method, bloom, motion blur. With some graphic settings and/or using D3D12 flag it takes up huge ammount of RAM.
All of this is not valid for PIE session but only for standalone mode or launch on PC.

How to reproduce:

  1. create RenderTarget texture, set its size to 1024x1024 or any higher res(2048x512, 2048x2048, etc.)

  2. place SceneCapture2D in scene, and set previously created RT.

  3. hit play standalone game mode

my PC: Windows 10 pro x64, 16 gb RAM, AMD FX-8350, AMD Radeon 280

p.s. i asked my mates to test this, but can’t confirm at this moment if this not my hardware specific issue

I’m seeing this as well - it only happens in Standalone game (not PIE viewport) as of 4.11.2. As soon as I deleted the SceneCapture2d from my scene the flickering/stuttering stopped.

Hey guys,

Thank you for taking the time to enter this bug report. I will begin investigating this issue as soon as possible. In the meantime, if you discover any new or relevant information regarding this issue, please let me know.


Hey guys,

I was able to reproduce the issue have gone ahead and entered a bug report UE-30207. Once a fix has been made, it will be integrated into an upcoming preview, full release, or hotfix.

Let me know if you have further questions or need additional assistance.


I’ve run into this problem in 4.11.2 as well. No idea if you guys have fixed it in 4.12 but - if this is causing anyone else a headache - we’ve found that maximizing the standalone game window causes the jittering and slowdown to go away.

The issue is still unresolved at the moment, but has been marked to be fixed for an upcoming major engine release. This is all the information I have at this moment.

Hi Andrew. This problem still exists in 4.12.5. The game screen flickers as the scene capture 2D component is set to 1024x1280. The only solution is to reduce the resolution, say 512x640.

This has been fixed and verified in the 4,13 release. I have updated the accepted answer to include the link to the issue on the public tracker. You can view its status there by clicking on the link.

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