[4.10] Unable to package project for Anroid on OSX

Hi all.

While packaging my project for GearVr with Shipping config, i am getting this error.
Can anyone point out what’s wrong in here??
M getting apache ant - quiet release.
What does that mean?? I made a build for Development & it ran fine!!
Any clues on this!!

Are you using Android Works or TDAP? In 4.9 we upgraded the Android packaging tools to use Android works instead of TDAP. If you have TDAP installed, uninstall it and then install Android Works which can be found in the following location.


Also this is what i get in the end. The most painful of all messages :confused:

Hi Sam,

I edited my post.
There was some wrong entry in there.

Also including output log message, previous to the above listed message.

Ok. Found the issue.
Hadn’t placed the keystore file in the designated folders.
Apologies for the trouble.

Before we close this thread, i’ve run into a weird issue.
After uploading my build to Oculus, it says

How to edit the package name now.
I change the project name to previous build.
Also ensured, every meta info is same as the previous build.

What does Package Name mean?
And how can one edit it?


I seemed to have confused package name for ‘bundle identifier’.

Can someone suggest, on how to ensure that your Shipping, ‘For Distribution’ app, will run on the end on the end device?

I am asking this because in my settings, i tick marked ‘removed oculus signature from apk’.
After this when i tried to run the app on my device, it straightaway went to the Oculus Gear VR Service app.
From there, on trying to run it, it gave me a prompt to put the phone inside the GearVR.

On doing so, i was straightaway lead to the Oculus environment, where i could not find my game.
Does someone know, any way to test the Shipping build on your device? M using 4.10.

First of all don’t tick ‘removed oculus signature from apk’ as then you won’t be able to test at all! Also Oculus only recommends you do that in your final build, you don’t have to :wink:

Export with “for distribution” ticked and then the tricky part - since Oculus does not want you to launch the app via the normal phone launcher and your app does not exist in the store the only way to run it is via the ‘activity’ - ie: manually create a launcher shortcut for you app. This is done with: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...shortcut&hl=en

Install it run and then search for your app - after selecting it you can then select “Try” or “Create shortcut” then it runs your app like normal / creates a shortcut on your homescreen and will ask you to insert your gearvr (don’t insert if you don’t see that message )

Hi kinzua!
I had a same problem like this in 4.11.2,could you please give more details about how to place the keystore file in the designated folders?
I’m really wonder where i can find the keystore file and desigated folders like you said…

thanks a lot~

If you mean the Oculus signature file
It needs to go in <YourUnrealEngineFolder>/Engine/Build/Android/Java/assets (create the folder if it does not exist)
Follow this tutorial if you still have issues (I timecoded it so you jump straight into the part where he places the signature file) https://youtu.be/PXGe-O_PWVI?t=4m5s

Hope this helps.

Hi,thanks for your reply.
But…once i enable the chack box of “for Distribution”,the packaging of my app will fail…and the log shows

MainFrameActions: (Android (ASTC)): [apkbuilder] Creating CubeRun-release-unsigned.apk for release…
MainFrameActions: packaging (Android (ASTC)): -post-package:
MainFrameActions: packaging (Android (ASTC)): -release-prompt-for-password:
MainFrameActions: packaging (Android (ASTC)): -release-nosign:
MainFrameActions: packaging (Android (ASTC)): -release-sign:
MainFrameActions: packaging (Android (ASTC)): [echo] Signing final apk…
MainFrameActions: packaging (Android (ASTC)): BUILD FAILED
MainFrameActions: packaging (Android (ASTC)): E:\AndroidWorks\android-sdk-windows ools\ant\build.xml:1135: The following error occurred while executing this line:
MainFrameActions: packaging (Android (ASTC)): E:\AndroidWorks\android-sdk-windows ools\ant\build.xml:1147: E:\cuberun\CubeRun\CubeRun_4.11.2\Intermediate\Android\APK\mirrorkeyvr

and it BUILD FAILED with Unknow Error…
so i guess the issue is “Signing final apk”,maybe there is something wrong in my signing part…
I’m not sure this is the same problem in your project