4.10 Nav Invokers

I wanted to double check and see if anything has changed in 4.10 on how to setup nav invokers properly. I’ve been following other forum threads and answerhub posts I can find but can’t seem to get my invokers working.

To double check my work:

I have checked the “Generate Navigation Only Around Navigation Invokers” box in my project settings under navigation system.

I have set my recast nav mesh to dynamic.

I have added a nav invoker component to my characters.

I have added the register nav invoker node to my event begin play in my character bp.

When I test my project I am still not seeing any nav radius being generated around my characters with nav invokers. Am I missing something?


Have you ensured that you have placed a NavMeshBoundsVolume in your level? Your setup sounds correct, and I was able to get mine to work correctly in a test project using the steps you’ve described once I added that volume.

Actually it turns out my understanding of the invokers was a bit off. I thought the invokers could generate nav data outside of a nav mesh volume. Once I expanded my nav mesh volume to cover my entire level the invokers generated their nav data in their defined radius. Thanks!

My understanding may be a bit off too, i thought the whole idea of the invokers was so you DIDN’T have to use a navmesh? I would have to navmesh a 4x4km map if that’s the case, i was hoping to use invokers on the NPS’s instead of doing that, am i wrong?

The invokers can be used to generate a navmesh only in an area where it is needed. This prevents you from having to generate a huge navmesh (which would take a large amount of time) by instead generating it only around the invokers, which can be attached to pawns. This leads to much better performance when using a navmesh in a large level, or an open world. The Nav Mesh bounds is still necessary, but if you ensure to set it to only generate around Navigation Invokers, the navmesh will only generate in the radius of the nav invoker instead of generating on the entire map.

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I’m not sure to understand.
Even with dynamic navmesh generation, only around invokers, you still have to add a navmesh volume in the persistant level of your open world and set it’s bounds to HUGE numbers if you want your NPCs to move on the whole landscape?
Why not an “unbound” option like in the post process volume?

  • having such a huge volume in your world doesn’t seems to be the proper way to use it
  • Loading this persistant level takes a realy long time
  • The output log warns about too big navmesh volume