4.10 low quality graphics on iPhone6S

It seems that new changes in 4.10 related to texture quality, and device profile is not working correctly for iPhone6S. (It results in low quality textures, and Splash Screen to be picked for high end devices). As I explained the issue in the following post:

At first, It seemed that the correct device profile was not getting picked for iPhone6S. Changing the ini, didn’t fix the issue. Changing IOSPlatformMisc.cpp from the Engine Source to 4.9 code actually made the Splash to work correctly, but the textures still remained the same low quality for the device.

I even downloaded the Epic’s Sun Temple project, and without changing any configuration (both for Metal, and ES2) the texture quality is low on iPhone6S as it can be seen in the picture attached .

It’s important to note that everything seemed to be fine on 4.9 for iPhone6S. So, the bug is related to new Texture quality changes and device profiles. According to the forum, it seems other people have the same issue. So unless we all missing a configuration setting, this is a very critical bug.

+1 for . All quality settings were set as “EPIC”

Screenshots are taken from the device not the editor.

I have tested projects on 4.9.2 and 4.10.1, I compared the results from both an and an iPhone 6s. What is your project set up for, console/Windows or Mobile?

Looking forward to hearing back from you, thanks!

Hi ,

The project target hardware is set for Mobile. I spent most of the weekend doing more than 50 iOS builds to resolve the issue. It was not one single issue, but I got to resolve (workaround) most of the issues, and got the game working with desired quality on iPhone6s using 4.10.1. but here are the issues that two of them are things that Epic needs to address:

  1. Using the deviceprofile ini for Sun Temple, and higher PVRTC Compression quality, I resolved the texture quality problem for iPhone6s. (The faster texture compression that works fine for iPhone5s, simply is not good enough for iPhone6s resolution.)

  2. As mentioned on this post: UE4 4.9 - cast modulated shadows causes flickering on IOS dynamic characters - Rendering - Epic Developer Community Forums

Casting modulated shadows causes flickering on dynamic characters on newer iOS devices. Other people have the issue according to the post, but by changing the directional light from Stationary to Movable, I got around the issue without any noticeable performance hit.

  1. Splash images on iPhone6s will be shown stretched for landscape projects. It seems the reason is that the portrait image is being used for the landscape and vice versa. (This is fine on iPhone5s because it uses different Splash image.) I could actually fix this on Engine code, but building engine on the old mac laptop that I have takes more than day…

It’s easy to see the problem on your end, all you need to do is put some image for Launch iPhone 6, and only have Landscape checked (uncheck support for portrait and upside down orientation). Even with the place holder image on your Sun Temple project you can see the problem. (Other people also reported this on my forum post)


Is there any that the bug with Splash screen for iPhone6s for landscape projects get fixed before the holidays? At the moment we are using black Splash images to avoid the issue, but since our release date is in early January we are hoping that this gets fixed soon.

UE-24753 is currently unresolved. Please keep in mind that during the holidays we have limited access staff and resources available.

Thank you!