4.10 crashes importing FBX file (w/ fix)

I exported a very simple and flat landscape as FBX straight from the editor, but the editor crashes when importing it. Here’s the file in question: world_001_bg_ground.zip

The crash is an obvious null pointer exception. I see the master FbxMainImport.cpp has been updated with guards against the null pointer, but it would be pretty awful to have to wait until 4.11 for such fix, so here’s a commit with the changes:


Hello -

Thank You, I have added a link to your Github commit to the reports of this issue, we are in active testing for an internal fix for this issue as well. I will keep you informed as we progress.

Eric Ketchum

Do we know of any other way we can get around this in the mean time? We are having the exact same issues on our end as well.