[4.10] [C++ or Blueprints] Any way of making a "Bigger On The Inside" Object?

Is there any way of making something like this, shown in “Doctor Who: The Adventure Game Ep.5 - The Gunpowder Plot”: - YouTube

I’ve tried using “Render Targets”, but results are not promissing through.


This can be achieved by using cameras and scene capture 2D. If anyone wants to achieve this effect (or something like that), you can easily see how it works by using the docs and some tutorials out there.


Hello, I subscribed to this thread since the question was pretty interesting ^^
Could you provide some tutorial links you found or what keywords did you use to find them?
Will be nice, thank you!

Dear Begounet, I used tutorials about basic camera feed, I achieved the effect with several changes. The effect consists on a material created with the scene capture 2D and inputting the camera data to the material. As the player’s camera moves, you have to set the capture camera position and rotation accordingly ( remember to clamp it :wink: ). At first, the effect will be really bad, but, you just need to get the correct clamp values and positions and you’ll have a bigger on the inside object! Here is a link to one tutorial I found about camera feed, it is the start for this effect.

Cheers, Alanzote.

I understand that the scene capture 2D is a key part on the process but I am not sure for the other things.
Here is a sketch:


  • In black : what the player see from outside
  • In blue : what the player see from inside
  • The red line : the “portal” with the Render Texture

My question is more about the transition between the inside and the outside. Is all the inside hidden, and when you go through the portal, everything become visible ?
What happens if you are in the middle of the portal and you are looking on the side ?
Finally, maybe I should look tutorials about the Portal game in fact ^^