4.10.4- iOS app crash when opened

Hey there:

I am having issues after converting a desktop application to an iOS mobile application. I have done this before, but this time after a successful build, I install the IPA via itunes on my windows machine and then run the app only to not make it past the splash screen. I have the logs and am attaching them here.

At first, I saw the materials were high, so I lowered all textures to 2046x2046 because they were 4098x4098. I thought this would fix the problem as mobile only supports up to 2046 images. But after repackaging, still the app returns to home screen directly after splash screen. I have read some similar problems on these answers, but restarting the editor did not do the trick for me. I suspect there is still something wrong with my materials or that I am missing a setting that doesn’t work on mobile while transferring formats. Maybe the logs will tell you more than it did me…

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot.

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After a little more digging into the log. I found this error “GSL MEM ERROR: kgsl_sharedmem_alloc ioctl failed”. It seems that this is a GPU problem and it ran out of memory…? Sounds like I need to lower the texture quality and or size, right?

I have now found that the issue could be due to the texture format. Most of the loaded materials that I am using say format is B8G8R8A8 even thought when I open the texture, I see the compression settings to TC_Default. Is there a way to change them manually to DXT5?

The reason the textures were not working was a dumb mistake… I had them all at 2046 instead of 2048 the power of 2. Typo… In doing this, all these textures loaded into the project now show a DXT1 format instead of B8G8R8A8. So I assume this is the format differences. However, my app is still crashing. Here is the new logs if you could look at them and try to decipher… I’m still not having luck.

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I’m lost, I don’t see any other errors besides a couple uassets and textures removed that can’t be found now, but they aren’t in the scene so it shouldn’t matter and it packages fine and successfully; its just the app once its installed. I start it up and then crash after splash screen every time…

After further review, I have figured out the issue. Although the package was successful without error or warnings for the problem, and the log didn’t list this anywhere as a reason for crashing; the problem ended up being an open level blueprint. As I mentioned, this project came from a PC project first, so I thought that the blueprints would work fine for mobile as well. The one that did NOT work for mobile as well is the autoscalabilty. It makes sense as all ios should work the same. Removing this level BP fixed the crash after splash screen. This can be marked as resolved.

I am using a mac now which had some different problem but was able to fix them by making sure the provision or app id cant remember which one as my project name. build is still failing now but i am going to try with an iphone 6 tomorrow. if it fails again then ill let you know.


How do you remove a level blueprint?

how do you fix auto scalability?