4.1 Editor's Realtime Material Render Settings

Hey guys,

I’ve noticed with 4.1 that if you open a material and edit a value inside of it (if you change anything) it will automatically recompile shaders for that material. There used to be a setting in 4.0.1 that could turn off auto-compilation until you saved the material, and I’m wondering where that went. It gets tedious to watch your shader count increase by 880 every time you tweak a scalar value in a material.

(I’m not referring to the Live Nodes or Live Update buttons - I have those toggled off already).


Good point - I’m looking for that either. Let me know if you come across a setting to turn that off…


Someone actually posted about this issue in the General Discussion section - I just didn’t notice it until today.

Reference: Shader Compiling Bug Since 4.1 Update - General Discussion - Unreal Engine Forums

Ah good it’s on answerhub so Epic’s aware of it…

Yeah, i posted about that, apparently i was the first one to say something about it but it’s affecting a lot if not all people.

They have our DXDIAGs now and are looking into it hopefully, it’s really annoying :frowning:

It is quite annoying and brings the texturing workflow to a crawl.

Anyways, I noticed quite a few little regression issues with 4.1…

I have stopped uisng UE4 until this is fixed, i just can’t work when it takes a minute plus to compile a single simple shader.

You could load and tweak your assets in 4.0.2 and place the final versions in your 4.1 project if that’s less annoying.

I tried to revert but now all of my maps have been converted for 4.1 and it won’t open them in 4.02 so it’s not worth the hassle to just move the assets over the back again :frowning:

Yeah, they should revert it, this is realy annoying.

It’s been fixed in the 4.1.1 hotfix: 4.1.1 hotfix update now available - Announcements and Releases - Unreal Engine Forums

phew, finally…