3rd person VR with MotionControllers on the Quest

Hi, I’ve been looking around and can’t seem to find any documentation/tutorials/videos/examples of development where you are using a VR headset with 2 motion controllers (eg Oc Quest) but the game itself is 3rd Person, with the camera floating just behind viewing the whole body.

The VR Project setup in UE4 will give headset and hand controllers for 1st Person, but I’d like a mannequin which moves based on my movements (ie, head and both hands).

I’ve heard that it’s surprisingly psychologically “acceptable” and still immersive even with this 3rd person VR mode where you feel like a puppeteer, and there’s no real disconnect, so I’d like to give it a try to develop a Proof of Concept.

Many thanks for any pointers or links

All the best,

Have a look at this tutorial series (27 episodes) where he starts making the basics for a GTA ‘game’ in VR. At some point he also makes the code to control your char in 3rd person.