3rd Person Spring Arm VR issues

UE4 Version - 4.11.1

When I have a third person game, and a camera attached to a spring arm (im using it to cause camera lag, which feels comfortable to me) everything works great except one issue, the position does not work… If i lean forward it does not recognize that im leaning forward (likely due to the spring arm length controlling the camera distance). Is there anyway to fix this with blueprint?

**UPDATE: **

As it turns out my positional tracking was in fact working… The problem was all my assets where real life units, so when you are hovering 300 feet above a scene, and lean in a few feet, it doe’s not appear as if anything is moving… Duh.

So should I scale things down? Is there an easier way of acheiving a “toyification”?

What engine version are you using. So people can tell you how to fix it.

Thanks for the tip, updated the post - 4.11.1

In your world settings, play with World To Meters option! It’s exactly what you’re looking for.