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Title - Survival Game Kit

Price - $49.99

Version - 1.4.5

Description - Defuse Studios are pleased to present our latest project ready for release, Survival Game Kit. We are proud of our project and we believe it to be the best on the market. We look forward to see what you create, Feel free to tag us on your creations on Twitter.

Main Features

  • Multiplayer Support

  • Weapons (Range & Melee)

  • M4A4 (AR)

  • P1911 (Pistol)

  • M1982 (Shotgun)

  • Weapon Attachments

  • Full Aim Offsets

  • Live Character Portrait

  • Clean UI

  • Player Building System

  • Destructible Build Parts

  • Ownership

  • Upgrading

  • Repairing


  • Health, Hunger, Thirst And Stamina
  • First/Third Person Camera Toggle
  • Item Crafting
  • Crafting Queue System
  • Instance Resource Harvesting
  • Movable UI Elements
  • Respawn System
  • Fall Damage
  • Sprinting
  • Starvation and Dehydration
  • Weight
  • Bleed Damage
  • Save System (Single Player Recommended)
  • Use, Equip, Move, Split, Unequip and Stack
  • Full Equipment System
  • Armour System
  • Add New Items And Crafting Recipes Easily
  • Storage Container
  • Campfire, Furnace & Bed (Respawn Point)
  • Customizable Sound variables
  • Video Tutorials

Number of Blueprints: 126

Input: Mouse & Keyboard

Network Replicated: Yes

Supported Development Platforms: PC, Mac

Supported Target Build Platforms: PC, Mac

Documentation: Support – Defuse Studios

Important/Additional Notes: APEX Destruction Plugin Must Be Enabled! (Default Enabled)

doies it have AI as in video is seen that enemy shooting, or is it just multiplayer?

Its multiplayer, no AI included at the moment.

New Videos

Add Melee Weapons

Add Range Weapons

Migration Tutorial


I have a little bug report.

The rifle isn’t hitting the other player on a lot of point blank shots and the pistol straight up can’t hit at all. The shotgun doesn’t appear to have any issue.

Hey there,

Thanks for letting me know, the pistols damage values had defaulted to 0 for some reason, if you go to the P1911 bp in the holdable folder the is a variable called damage then set the values you want for each hit box type, make sure you set none as well as thats things like buildings. I have not fixed that in the hotfix files so it wont be an issue after the patch.

With the rifle i just check the traces and they do seam to be working, one thing to remember is the gun fires from the muzzle of the weapon so like in alot of TPS really close shoots wont be pin point on the centre of your screen but once there is a small bit of distance it will hit much more on point. Its just the price you pay when you have the bullet leave the muzzle of the gun rather then trace from the centre of the screen which often is abused in games by players.

**Hotfix 1.0.2**

New Videos

Add New Items

New Level

Hello, Defuse Studios](Example Power of 2 textures Content for import - Content Creation - Unreal Engine Forums)! :slight_smile:
Do you plan to the future add the money, trade and dialogue system?
The save system the save everything or not, what about the items inside the boxes?
Is there any chance of a demo build?
Excellent work, I really liked this project! :slight_smile:

Hey there

Im not planning anything like that at the moment but once i have a bit more free time i will be looking to add more features. Yes the save system saves everything including items in storage creates and furnaces and campfires.

It would be very great :slight_smile:

Excellent! :slight_smile:

New Videos

**Add Interaction Widgets

Always Allow Building

New Video

Change Character

**Hotfix 1.0.3…t-patch-notes/**

How can I make saving and loading on certain keys?
For example, F5 saving the game, and F6 loading the game.
Thank you! :slight_smile:

Hey there,

You just need to call the Auto Save event on the BP_SaveSystem and it will do the rest.

This save a game

How to load a game?

There isn’t a way to call a save game during game play at the moment as alot of different BP Have to load there information, I will look in to how i can implement this in a future update.

**Hotfix 1.0.3…t-patch-notes/**

New Video