3DSMAX texture for UDK 4

Hey, when I apply the texture on 3dsmax from photoshop how I can transfer the item with the texture for UDK 4 ?

Hey yanfirenight,

Yes, razanus is correct in this. Either the information from your exported .fbx will translate when importing inside of UE4, or manually import the textures you have made and create a new material for them. When you import your .fbx an options box will appear asking for prompts as to how you would like import your model. There will be a check box for import materials. Make sure this is clicked on.

Here is a link to our online documentation on how to set this up in UE4,

Basically, if you apply a standard material with the texture in the diffuse slot, and then export the asset as fbx, it will inherit your texture. Be sure to check import materials and texture when you import the asset in UE4. Another way to do it, is simply create a new material in UE4, import the texture, and apply it inside UE4. You can check out the web , there are tons of tutorials on how to do it. Best!