3ds max to unreal engine fbx file importing issue

i have created an object using 3ds max… as i try to import it into UE4 in fbx then UE4 stops responding.

UE4 starts not responding after importing 8 of 8, i kept it like that for hours and it was just stuck right where it was …
and in the second following snap shot, i kept those geometry sections box selected as i save to the fbx format, i don’t know if anything else needs to selected.

please kindly let me know if there’s a solution :smiley:

Which FBX format are you using for the export? Did you try a different version?

yes, 2013, 2014/15 and 2018 … i used these versions and still same things happens :frowning:

Ok, you should use FBX 2016. If you export a different mesh, say a simple cube, with the exact same settings, can you import it properly into UE4?

Not sure what is wrong with that file. Do you get any indication in the log file?

I am not a 3ds Max expert, but my understanding is that you have some parts of your object that have a geometry type that is not supported by the FBX export plugin. They are listed in the message. You may try to convert them to a compatible type. Try to ask this question on a 3ds Max forum.

yes it works … but this individual file is not getting imported !!!

most recent snap… i was just exporting the file in fbx 2016 format as you said, these are the warnings it’s giving me now …

ok thnaks

Although i do not know what is the problem here with the import, a good practice is to always convert the mesh from primitive to editable polygon/mesh(edit poly/mesh modifier works too) and also do a reset X-form before exporting to fbx.