3D Widgets washed out (FXAA or AA probleb)

In game widged looks like washed out. If i press F2 it look like normal 2d screen widget. Seems 3d widget gets some post process effect, so is there a way to turn it off? Search didnt help.

UPD: 3D widget is affected by Tonemapper. Any help?


3d Widget is affected by Anti-Aliasing. If it turned off - everything is just perfect. However, is there way to disable AA for 3d widget?

3D Widgets are a render texture rendered on a 3D plane and are not rendered on a separated widget buffer, but there are two possible solutions for your problem:

A. Create a post process that filters out your 3D widget planes (don’t know if you can set 3D widgets to render in custom depth, so take this with a grain of salt and try it out). If you can set 3D widgets to render in custom depth, you can create a post process mask that removes all other post process effects from it (look for outline post process effect, there are tons of it out there you can use as an example).

B. Render them as normal widgets (what i normaly do), add them to viewport and then project the world location of the position you want them to be to screen position, after that you can then set the viewport position of those widges, for isntance:

  1. Spawn your NPC
  2. Create the widget and add it to viewport
  3. On actor tick tell the widget to position itself on the screen.
  4. Whenever the actor gets destroyed simply remove the widget form the viewport.

Well, B is not an option for me, i need 3d widgets plaeced in World :slight_smile:

About A: 3D widgets can be render in custom depth. I placed PostProcessVolume in the world and then attached material into PPV Array, enabled custom depth for 3d Widget and nothing happened? Did i miss something? Or there some special options for filtering other post process effects i should enabled?

Yes, you need to actually make the post process material to use the customdepth as a mask for your widgets. Take a look at this article, http://www.tomlooman.com/outline-effect-in-unreal-engine-4/ it will help you get started with using the custom depth. The tutorail is for making outlines, but using the custom depth mask is part of it. So its a great place for you to get started. I would love to help you more with this but sadly I’m kind of tight with times. Hope it helped! have a nice day!

Thanks for the link. However it didn’t help me. I created material, but its too difficult for me, because i’m newby in PP materials.